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What to do now the sunshine has gone away again? Posted On 30 March 2022

The sun may have hidden behind clouds again, but there is always something to do at home

Over the past two weeks, we’ve enjoyed a glorious early summer. Most people took the chance to get outside, doing gardening jobs, however, with the sun now hiding behind the clouds, what jobs can you turn your hand to indoors on a weekend or evening?

Redecorate a room

If you’ve been busy sorting the garden the past two weeks, don’t lose momentum now, instead take that momentum back inside and redecorate a room. It could be the living room, a bedroom, the bathroom, or the kitchen, but whatever it is now is the time to kick on and get it finished before the warm weather (hopefully) returns.

Sort out your wardrobe

Spring and summer are definitely on their way, so now is a perfect time to sort out your summer clothes and put away your winter clothes to make space. Zip-lock airtight bags are a great space saver for winter clothes and can be stored safely in the loft, alternatively, if you have an excess of clothes that never got worn you could donate them to charity.

Try some new recipes

It may not be BBQ weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get experimental in the kitchen. Why not try different herb and spice mixes to create the perfect dry rub for ribs, alternatively cook up a batch of sticky BBQ sauce for chicken wings. This way, your recipes will be ready just in time for when the sunshine returns, and you spark up your BBQ.

Mix some cocktails


Likewise, get ahead of the game, ready for summer, by mixing up some new cocktails to impress your family and friends come BBQ season. Some summer favourites include Mojitos, Daiquiris, Pimms and Tequilla Sunrise’s. This way, at least you know, whether it is sunny or not, you can bring summer in a glass to your parties.

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