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Top tips for saving water in your home to lighten the load on your pocket Posted On 18 March 2022

‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’, as they say


With the well documented rise in the cost of energy bills and the cost of living, many homeowners up and down the country are eagerly looking for ways to save their pennies.


Whether it be by turning down the heating as often as possible, tightening the pursestrings during the weekly shop or having to cut down on those monthly subscriptions that always seem to add up, many of us are having to make some changes this year.


One way to save a bit of dosh is by paying some extra attention to the utilities around the house and the usage of electricity, gas and water.


We have collected together a handful of tips and tricks for you to consider in order to stop using as much water in and around your home.


Rather than running the tap every time you want a drink, fill up a jug of bottle and put it into the fridge.


This will reduce the amount of excess water that goes straight down the drain when getting it to the right temperature to enjoy.


Make a weekly or monthly habit of going around your home to check for any plumbing leaks. Catching any potential leaks early can reduce the amount of water wastage in the event of an issue.


When brushing your teeth, make sure you turn the tap off rather than leaving it running while you brush or gargle.


With the summer seasons almost upon us, many will start to pay a bit of attention to our gardens.


Rather than using a sprinkler or hose pipe to get your grass looking healthy, fill up a watering can to make sure you are only using the water that you need.


This may require a couple of trips to and from the tap but trust us, your wallet will thank you for it.



Other tips include taking showers rather than filling the bath to clean and using a bowl of water to prepare vegetables and fruit, with the leftover water then being able to be used to water the garden.

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