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Tips to cut down on the amount of rubbish you throw away each week Posted On 27 June 2022

We all have a responsibility to do our bit for the planet


In modern times we all understand the importance of reducing the amount of rubbish we throw away each week and the impact not doing this can have on the environment.

It can be a very somber feeling when taking out the bin and wheeling it to the edge of the street ready to be collected, thinking about the impact those multiple bin bags are going to have on the world.

To help ease your conscience, try to make every effort to cut down on the amount of rubbish you throw away each week.


Buy what you need


Two-for-one and multi-buy offers are always so tempting in the supermarkets.

Getting extra products, seemingly for free, is not something we like to pass up however next time you do this, have a quick think about whether you actually need that second packet of onions or not.

Buying too much food can lead to wastage as it runs out of date and must be thrown away.

Have a clear list of what you need to prepare the week’s meals and keep the house running and stick to this.

As a side, this will also clear up a bit of extra space in your food cupboard.


Get creative and reuse where possible


Many pieces of packaging can be reused for the better rather than being destined for the bin.

Egg boxes and toilet tubes can be used in the garden, while using your imagination, some colourful pens and a small flag, plastic trays can be turned into small boats for little ones to play with.


Think first, waste less


Start at the source - your weekly supermarket shop.

While many of us will concentrate on “use by dates”, prices and the quality of food when scouring the supermarket shelves, if you start to also look at what packaging is used on the products then you can be mindful of how much you are going to have to throw away.

Products like bananas, potatoes and apples can be purchase either in plastic or cardboard packaging or can be picked up completely loose, meaning that after consummation will not contribute towards your wheelie bin.

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