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Seas the day Posted On 27 May 2021

Summer day trip essentials


Shut your eyes, bask in the warmth of the sun and gaze at the red haze in front of you. Bliss, right? Whether your summer day out involves exploring a nearby city, meandering along the shore or hitting up a theme park, packing for the occasion can be the difference between success or the ultimate fail. Read on to discover the must-have items sure to make your day that little bit easier.

Firstly, depending on if you are a solo, couple or family planner, your paraphernalia needs will differ by type (and amount!) dramatically.


Solo or couples planner:

The envy of all family planners, you only need to focus on the needs of number one. You could go completely hands free and rely solely on your phone (with preloaded Apple Pay, travel apps etc of course). However, by taking a small daypack with you, you will cover all bases weather and activity wise whilst simultaneously saving yourself some cash.

Choose a daypack with comfortable straps if you’re planning on wearing it for any considerable amount of time. Make sure you pack a reusable water bottle so you can guarantee you have chilled water when you want it without forking out a fortune for a lukewarm bottle from a corner shop. Taking a spare battery pack for your phone will also ensure you can capture those summer memories accompanied by the soundtrack of your choice without fearing the dreaded 0%.


Family planner:

For family planners, the phrase failing to prepare means preparing to fail could not ring more true. You know that you will need to take supplies with you to ensure your day goes smoothly. Top tip: take at least 5 more nappies than you think you’ll need and a spare outfit change. If your baby is still feeding, check out the ‘nuby rapid cool’. A new device to the market which ensures your baby’s bottle is the perfect temperature in just 2 minutes. An absolute game changer.

Having a mini toy pack which you can entertain your children with if you brave a beer garden or restaurant could ensure a peaceful experience for all. Keep these items special and only use them when out and about to ensure they retain their novelty value. Think: magic water pens for mess free colouring, small cars or figures that can roam happily across restaurant tables or when all else fails pull out the snacks!

Packing a foldable picnic blanket is also a great idea for families for impromptu pit stops. If your children are small, most of this can be stored easily under the pram, if they’re slightly older, choose a change bag which doubles as an accessory. Storksak offer a range of sustainable leather bags and backpacks which are slightly on the pricier side but are so gorgeous you’d never guess they were change bags! More budget friendly options include: Pipibear and Elephantine Me.

So whether you’re a solo, couple or family day tripper, prepare to succeed and pack for every eventuality!

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