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Minor changes you can make to your meals and drinks to help your diet Posted On 24 March 2022

Losing weight does not necessarily mean completely shaking up your favourite dishes



Making changes to our diets can be a very difficult task to face when attempting to lose weight or become healthier.


Whether it is sacrificing that extra biscuit at the end of a long day or saying no to that Friday night pint, small differences truly can make all the difference when attempting to hit a goal.

However, when trying to improve your diet, you do not have to completely switch up your diet.


Making one or two minor changes to recipes or your daily intake can truly help.


We have collected together some substitutions you can make in your day-to-day life without seeing too much difference in taste, but plenty of difference to your waistline.


Where better to start than ‘the most important meal of the day’, breakfast.


How you start your day off can truly make a big impact on how you feel throughout the day.


A healthy bowl of cereal to wake yourself up can be ruined by one or two sprinkles of sugar.


Replace this sugar with a handful of dried or fresh fruits, while lovers of sugary, chocolate-base cereal can mix things up by choosing whole grain porridge or wheat cereal.


While grabbing your now healthier breakfast, do not spoil it with a poor drink choice.


Have semi-skimmed or skimmed milk in your coffee or tea, while sugar can be substituted with honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar.


When deciding what to eat at the end of the day, it can be so easy to go for a trusty time saving and tasty takeaway.


Do not fall victim however and think about the strain having these regularly can have on not only your health, but your wallet as well.


When cooking meats, such as sausages, chops and chicken breasts, rather than sizzling them up in the frying pan, grill it in the oven.


Pluck for those leaner cuts of meat or try going meat-free once or twice a week.



Try adopting one or two of these alternatives to make a good start to your new diet.

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