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Making the Most of the Clocks Going Forward Posted On 25 March 2022

27th March marks the point where, after months of dark mornings and evenings, the clocks go forward by an hour, and the brighter seasons can officially begin. So why not take advantage of the longer days, and utilise the mornings and evenings. Here are some of the ways you can use this extended time to improve your health.


Take a Stroll

The warmer months are synonymous with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. So make sure you don’t miss them! And more than just the beauty of early mornings and evenings, the brighter mornings means more of a chance of being able to see some of the wildlife that makes an appearance in Spring and Summer. Tree bumblebees, which only landed in the UK around a decade ago, are sure to show up in the warmer months, and Chiffchaffs are set to be the first bird-related visitor to the wildlife scene this Summer.

Aside from visual benefits, it is widely known that getting up early boosts not only your brain health, but your heart health as well. On top of this, studies suggest that earlier starts can bring about deeper sleep, due to exercising resulting in an increase in melatonin, the natural sleep hormone.


Up the Exercise

If you’re looking to get more active in line with the weather improving, then the warm evenings are the perfect time to go for a run. Not only are you more motivated to exercise during daylight hours, but exercising after a day of business means that muscle strength and endurance will be greater than in the mornings. A study from SELF magazine also explains that those who choose to work out in the evenings can train up to 20% longer.


Create a Scenic Meal

And as Summer approaches, a whole new way of eating becomes popular once more. Amongst the foods which are in season right now are fruits such as kiwi and apricots, and vegetables, including asparagus, purple sprouting broccoli, and spring onions - all of which are fine ingredients for a salad, and can pave the way towards a healthier diet.


It’s not just the food itself though that’s beneficial during this time of year. Making the most of the more pleasant weather, and eating outdoors, can lower blood pressure and heart rate. And through the increase in Vitamin D intake, due to enjoying greater levels of sunlight, this can boost your immune system. And moreover, changing your surroundings just cheers you, and the whole family up, as you look forward to Summer!

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