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Genius smart home technology you may not have heard of Posted On 30 June 2022

Revolutionise how your home works with these obscure pieces of tech


Smart homes are becoming more and more prominent these days.

Incredibly clever technology can be used to regulate temperature, switch on lights and see who is at the front door.

Residents can use apps on their phones to control these or command voice activated speakers, such as Alexa and Google Home.

However, aside from lightbulbs and doorbells, there are a plethora of devices now on the market to make maintaining your home that little bit easier.

Here are a couple of products we think are utterly genius.


Smart Curtain Robot


Nothing beats the feeling of settling down after a long day on the sofa, with your favourite drink and snacks ready to watch some fantastic television.

However, disaster can strike when you suddenly realise neither you or your partner had the thought to shut all the curtains.

Luckily, there is a genius new device that can be fitted onto the curtain pole which can move along the pole, dragging the curtain to either open or close it, from the command of your voice.




Smart door lock


Security is a very important feature in everyone’s home.

Making sure all the doors are locked is a nightly routine for most and this new piece of technology will help to keep your mind at ease.

Smart locks can be opened and closed using your iPhone or through a voice-activated assistant.

You are also able to check on your phone whether the door is locked, putting your mind at ease when you suddenly panic thinking you have left it open when three hours away on your way to holiday.




Smart lawnmower


Mowing the lawn is one of those fine things in life that regularly splits opinion.

While many people find mowing the lawn a relaxing and enjoyable chore to do, others could not think of anything worse and dread it when the grass has grown to a ridiculous length.

Luckily, there are a number of smart mowers on the market that will automatically sense when the lawn has grown and needs clipping, before returning to a docking station and emptying the clippings.




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