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Amateur Photography Hints and Tips Posted On 14 August 2020

With smartphones having cameras better than some Digital SLRs, and with the stunning colours of Autumn around the corner, we wanted to give you some hints and tips to take Insta-ready photos with the best of them…


Setting up your camera’s phone

 Depending on what make of phone you have, it will be worthwhile going into the camera settings early. In the settings, you will get options to change the front and rear camera quality. For the best photos, you will want UHD (60 fps) 3840×2160 as a minimum. You will also be able to turn on HRD (rich tone) on most phones which will give your pictures extra depth.


Intelligent features

 Samsung Galaxy phones have a range of options when it comes to intelligent features for the camera including a Scene Optimizer, Shot suggestions and a Smart selfie angle. These features are super cool and easy to use to get the best shots possible.


Apple iPhones have their own smart features including artificial intelligence. Every time you go to take a photo, the three cameras (on iPhone 11 and above) will quickly take 8 images before you press the shutter. The phone’s camera will then compare your image against the previous 8 and merge the best pixels to create the final image.


Tripods and selfie sticks

 If you are super serious about your photography or are looking at making videos, then you will want to invest in a high-quality, customisable tripod. These handy tripods are perfect for panoramic photos and time-lapse photos as the phone will be set in place reducing wobble. The same goes for videos.


Over the past few years, selfie sticks became all the rage. They’re very simple to use; you simply attach your phone in the holder, hold the stick away from you and voila, all of a sudden you can fit more people, or background, into your selfies. As most smartphones aren’t cheap, we would recommend spending the extra bit of money to get a secure one for your phone though.


Editing your photos

 Both Samsung and Apple phones have built-in editing suites. Having played on both, the Samsung auto edit feature is fantastic to give your photos a professional edge. With social media apps, especially Instagram, they have their own editing features built-in for uploading your photos. Their ready-made filters are perfect whether you are looking for sepia-toned, black and white or even comic-strip style photos.


By following some of these hints and tips, hopefully, you will be ready to get out there taking high-quality photos of this beautiful world as the seasons’ change,

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